Everyone needs SOMEONE

Personal Concierge Services & Corporate Services

Someone Lifestyle Services is here to provide you with assistance to meet those commitments you have by relaxing the demands on your time, helping you manage your busy lifestyle.

We are all familiar with the concept of the Concierge at major hotels, or the personal assistant that lucky executives have on hand. Now you can have your own personal concierge. Someone will peform those same services for you, to ensure that your valuable time is available for the lifestyle you want to live.

Most people need some assistance occasionally, or more often, with their personal time management. Alternatively you may just need some information on an unfamilar subject, or something done that you can't quite manage for yourself.

Someone Lifestyle Services is well equipped to provide individuals with personal concierge services, or to provide corporate services for your business and employees.

Recent examples of how we have helped people are:

  • Easing the load for a couple arranging their wedding
  • Organising an overseas family holiday, for a family spread interstate
  • An apartment makeover for a busy person on limited budget
Personal Concierge diary - Lifestyle and Time Management

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But remember that these examples are but a brief list, which is only limited by what it is that you need Someone to help with!